i D ontKnow You, but i love you

In All Fantastical Seriousness, We Are Ending Racism             #iDontKnowYouButiLoveYou #IDKYBILY #MadMadLove

MadMadLovers who Receive the Sticker & 

Their Lives are Altered for the Better

Radical Visualization Workshop 11-11-2016

"Can we talk? I need to talk to you. WOW!  I want to work with you. We MUST do something together. We need to figure this out because your workshop is exactly what this world needs more of. It goes along the lines of what I am doing with Love Circle." --- Jennifer S., Founder of Love Circle Movement, Workshop Attendee

"Char! Thank you so much for everything you really helped me in the ideas of change this weekend! Making a mark on this world closer to what we wish to see is so incredibly possible! This is so beautiful I would love to join you! Ah your mission is so powerful and I'm happy to spread it and help in any way I can!" --- Brittany L., Workshop Attendee

"Your Workshop blew me away. But that is nothing compared to the amazing beauty you exude. You are my unicorn and I am honored and privileged to have been in that workshop with you. You will forever be in my memory being the star you are." --- Michael G., Workshop Attendee

"Ever since I went to your workshop you have changed my view on life and this humanitarian mindset is something that has inspired me even more! Thank you for being your super awesome self Char. You are truly inspiring" --- Armando B., Workshop Attendee

"I really appreciate all the work you do and the energy you bring towards making positive change in the world." --- Luchino C., Workshop Attendee

Radical Visualization at Lightning in a Bottle Festival 5-28-2017

"That was was really inspiring. I feel it, I feel you." --- Treloquence, Musician

"I want to do what you do, but I do not know how, can you teach me?" --- Alom
"This is needed. This will work" --- Theo Hirsch, Musician

Raging in the Party, Not On the Streets

It began in a forest. The forest was playing music. People were dancing. A dancing girl passed out gifts. The gift was a sticker. A young dancing girl received the sticker. And that is when “It” began. The Change Began.

“I Don’t Know You, But I Love You” says the sticker.

“What a great expression!” says the young dancer.

“What?!” exclaims her boyfriend. “You don’t believe in that message. You are sweet to your friends and family but not strangers.”

“Well, I still like it a lot. And I do care about people” the young girl says confidently. The boyfriend is still lovingly dubious as she puts it on the bumper of her car.

What occurs next is nothing short of the answer to our prayers. Our collective humanity prayers, hopes and desperate begging:

“Please let the humans around me and my and family care about life as much as I do and do everything possible to not harm me, my family, our safety and stability.”

This conscious and subconscious desire is enacted by enough people to remain the glue that keeps our fragile bonds intact (albeit the child-safe glue that does not work as well and sometimes we use Krazy Glue).

But it seems for every human that acts according to this desire there are two humans that disregard it and the damage can be irreparable. What tools do our government and society posses to motivate, encourage, inspire and increase this desire?

Of the entities you are thinking of: are any of them free of corruption, bankruptcy, crime, addiction, hypocrisy or perversion?

If a system is ill, broken, and stagnate should we use that system to solve problems, how many attempts do we give it and how long do we wait for satisfactory results?

And if the processes to make healthy or fix or create new systems are plagued with stalwarts, obfuscation and corruption then where does the change come from? It will have to come from outside the systems and outside the systems for making systems: From the Individual Mind.

One such mind figured out a way to motivate, encourage, inspire and increase this desire thereby enacting “The Change” we are all promised, but can only promise to ourselves, and she decided the method by which this is accomplished is the reciting of only 8 words:

"I Don’t Know You, But I Love You".

Obamacare is 11,588,500 words. Which do you understand better? ;) Which could bring about more Hope & Change?

While not a simple person she cannot help but view society as most do: like a Cupcake.

A cupcake does not become one unless the individual ingredients change, meld and become the cake as One. The ingredients bake first and then the cupcake is formed. We will not be a cohesive, stable society nor global citizenry if we do not individually change then meld together forming a final product: Cupcake/United People.

The icing is the celebration for finally coming out of the oven and cooling off.

IDKYBILY is a method to change people’s behavior, perspective and health so we are able to properly meld with each other.

Have you ever seen the Hug at the end of the movie “Stepbrothers” between Derek and Brennan? Yeah, we don’t want it to be THAT rough and awkward as we come together….right before environmental collapse. Or Zombies. It should be a smooth transition into Brotherly Love.


The change began in a forest but first manifested in the man made world: driving. Our young dancer, hairdresser by trade, having 6 months with the sticker on car bumper, noticed a considerable increase in good driving skills resulting in a decrease of road rage: both her own and the rage she used to incite from being a punctual person in a city with inane and congested traffic routes ;) Happens to the best of us!

This was not magic to our hairdresser though as she was fully conscious of the message on her bumper. She loves the message and wants to do it proud. So she started to refuse to be a selfish driver.

“You cannot represent that message and then not be that person”, she would often confirm to herself.

The sticker made our sweet girl (let us call her Ginger because she is also very healthy), become more self aware. She was aware of her growing self awareness because she had been waiting for it. Because she desired it and asked for it. Remember that conscious and subconscious desire that all humans have, even the criminal ones? (because criminals do NOT want to be criminalized themselves, that is a no-no) Well, even if someone is not enacting that desire at the current time, we all at least want them to one day desire to do it.

Ginger had the desire. She received the IDKYBILY tool to enact this change. IDKYBILY became a catalyst for change. Now comes the charitable giving. She is ready to stop taking from society without giving back. She not only gives back, with toy and clothing drives, she does such work at entertainment events, namely: PARTIES.

Yes, Sweet Ginger does the unthinkable: she distracts herself from her hard earned night out, leaving the party to collect donated items and drop them off at the donation center. As a lot of us have experienced, our friends sometimes won’t wait for us at the bathroom, let alone would leave the party to do volunteer work.

As she would come and go from her volunteer work, she would look at the sticker as she got in and out of her car. She could tell she was living up to the message. Others could tell as well.

After watching their daughter’s evolution into herself, Ginger’s parents soon joined in on the volunteer efforts. Her father does the taxes of the less fortunate for free and as volunteer work. I say ‘evolution’ and not ‘transformation’ because as Ginger’s mother put it when she showed her the sticker, “Oh Ginger that is SO you!”.

Hmmm how interesting! While our parents know us best & from birth, we show our most real and raw emotions and behaviors to our mates and romantic pursuits. Ginger’s boyfriend could not immediately see how the sticker’s message fit in her life, but her mother knew immediately.

Whatever made the boyfriend slightly dubious, her mother could no doubt have had the same doubts, but she did not because of something very important:

Unconditional love. Unconditional love allows one to skip the immediate surface doubts and just revel in the joy for that person. Which is not to say her boyfriend does not have unconditional love for Ginger, he certainly has it: as of this moment they are engaged. No doubt because the boyfriend is head over heels in love with this evolving, dancing butterfly who is learning and practicing unconditional love.

"You have got to give people the benefit of the doubt” Ginger often says reciting a tenant of unconditional love. IDKYBILY is a message of unconditional love, Biblicaly referred to as ‘Agape Love’.

Ginger is out making the world a better place. But what about Ginger doing well for her own sake? Is a message of worldly unconditional love helping her to apply that love to herself?

Before she was a volunteer for humanity, Ginger was already in the business of making others feel good about themselves. She is a very skilled hairdresser, crafting beauty styles that fit specific lifestyles, energy and personality. Unfortunately, a little ‘bedside manner’ was missing from her beauty work.

Hair appointments are both a necessity and a luxury. Clients will come in for an appointment between jobs; others have all day to get there. Invariably obstacles come up and clients can walk in very late, rushed, upset, frazzled and exhausted. Ginger did not always have an accommodating attitude towards their personal situations. She would not take opportunities to lessen the client’s frazzled nature. She was told there seemed to be a lack of compassion for the clients and their situations and the result was consistently low customer reviews.

This led to a parting of ways between Ginger and her store despite her skills. It had been 2 years of driving with the sticker when a former employee called Ginger and offered her a second chance in a new store under new management with a directive to change her attitude (wow! unconditional tough-love example right there!) Ginger accepted the offer and immediately presented her new clients with her evolving self which largely included another tenant of unconditional love: Compassion.

Ginger consciously felt a presence of new-found compassion. She actively employed it at her new position and the results are nothing short of what is promised but is so hard to believe by religion, spiritual enlightenment and our government: that taking the time and effort to present your best, loving self will result in the desires and outcomes we think are unattainable due to our insecurities, anger, and fear.

Ginger now has the highest online customer satisfaction ratings. These result in financial bonuses. Her store gives out surveys which she has been receiving stellar marks. Prior, Ginger was always the lowest reviewed. Now she is assistant manager.

Ginger simply realized, “I do not want to be the person that adds to my clients ‘worst day ever’”. Before, it was irrelevant to Ginger whether she contributed to anyone’s negativity. Compassion was not needed towards those she did not know or consider important.

When a volunteer passes out an IDKYBILY sticker it is to let the stranger know: the benefit of the doubt will be given, compassion exists, you are important and the sender of the message has The Desire: the desire that keeps our civilized society in tact: I am not here to take from you, I am here to respect your survival and peace of mind.

It is not about acting like a hippy or a saint. It is about finding the source for your specific brand of compassion, tapping into the source and it coming out whatever way it is meant to. For Ginger, she can now use her beauty skills to make people look great on the outside and feel better on the inside.

<3 I Don’t Know You, Reader, But I Love You! <3

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