i D ontKnow You, but i love you

In All Fantastical Seriousness, We Are Ending Racism             #iDontKnowYouButiLoveYou #IDKYBILY #MadMadLove

Spirituality In IDKYBILY

(Application sent to Harpo Productions, Oprah Winfrey's filming company for documentary on Burning Man)

My name is Charlizzle Blizzle, truth teller, smile spreader, humble badass and I am traveling to Black Rock City for the first time most definitely with a specific intention: to pass out 5,000 of my infamous, world traveled sticker which is adorned with the mantra I created to say in only 8 words how I feel about Humanity and the Human Experience:

I Don’t Know You, But I Love You.

The reactions when recipients read the sticker are priceless: 

I have witnessed truly everything: from grown men jumping up and down, girls squeal, rushes to bear-hug me, bragging to friends, immediate requests for stickers they can pass out, to most recently, my co worker crying in the middle of our workplace.

The responses are electrified with connectivity….”I Love You, Too”, “Oh my goodness, this is exactly how I feel!” “Where have you been all my life?!” all said through plastered smiles.

The creativity astounding!...1200 bracelets made, 2 custom t-shirt designs, 126 unique stickers drawn, tattoos inked, banners painted, websites, graphic design logos, spin off groups, raffle prizes donated, balloons flown in the air, signs made, multitude trinkets and gifts all free and all adorned with the IDKYBILY message.

The creation of IDKYBILY, introduced on Facebook, was such an instantaneous success it garnered 3 newspaper article interviews within weeks and a 4th in the summer. There was so much mobilizing, organizing and community forming, suddenly all my years of both straight-laced professionalism and alternative educational and activist pursuits which bred my home grown skills and unique talents, were needed in full force and utilized on a daily basis for every situation imaginable. Though our initial efforts were fun and entertainment based, I knew I had to legitimize what was occurring. IDKYBILY became a California official nonprofit in January 2012.

I am president and sole employee, though my top priority is employing the several members and volunteers who have asked to work for IDKYBILY, Inc. I do not actively fundraise because the proper logistics, focus and attention are not available as I am experiencing all too well the economic reality that a single independent with no family, needs at least 2 jobs in a town with notorious traffic and over inflated expenses. I am your typical-anti-typical bleeding heart pro bonist ;)

I Don’t Know You, But I Love You is our group’s credo. We use the credo as a method by which we exemplify our commitment to be racist free. To love everyone despite not knowing them is the only guaranteed pathway to keep oneself discriminatory free, hatred free and full of positivity which always makes everything we do in life Better and Safer.

I believe those that embody or employ the IDKYBILY philosophy have the best potential to be the change they want to see in the world while creating positive, sustainable relationships through a clear, unique set of political and social philosophical frameworks. Community is integral to social evolution and satisfies human needs for bonding. I desire to be a community leader and keep my realm of life Happy Healthy and Having a Hell of a Good Time!

As an east coast political activist once burnt out and disillusioned in Washington, DC with the textbook formula for political change consistently proving extremely ineffectual and overwhelmingly systemically challenged, I am delighted to say that the west coast and southern California music scene has reignited my passion to create community and put forth social and political reform ideals.

I have merged my two worlds together, East Coast politicalism with West coast socialism and in summation my conjecture based on the last 12 years of my storied life experience is society will best and most quickly attain peace, harmony, unity and solidarity amongst the people through *Music*. Through a certain type of music, certain type of audience, certain type of setting, certain type of pilgrimage to get there…which certainly will all be found at Burning Man 2013. =)

IDKYBILY is not here to demand peace, love, unity and respect from the government, they are here to prove
it already exists to the people. Seeing is believing:

As is experienced now on a daily basis in California, a youthful soul wakes up and either feels the purest natural joy and decides to spend the day enhancing it whether they have the funds or means, or wakes and feels the lowest low and decides to spend the day medicating or alleviating the pain whether they have the funds or means. Both souls will inevitably spend the day basking in the golden rays guiding us on those infamous California adventures to concluding at night in dark, UV black light rooms or open fields under black stormy skies filled with chest thumbing sound, bass, music, and the worries melt away.

When the body is throbbing with beats and no longer with pain: pain is subdued, transgressions forgiven, anger lost, acceptance attained. For those that woke up with joy, when the body is throbbing with beats those frequencies align with the positive harmonic vibrations output from your natural joy and the combination produces revelations, inspirations, creations, realities are manifested, and promises made to self for increased enlightenment. The phenomenon of quickly and without traditional counseling overcoming immense fears, pain and subconsciously imposed limitations on potential and creativity is an act of transcendence. One is transcending or “going beyond” a prior form or state of oneself, a former state of fear, anger and overall negativity to garner newfound strength and connections. The strength and connections can often come from a place of spirituality.

You feel so blessed to release fear and experience this phenomenon in this musical manner you are overcome with a desire to hug everyone, talk to everyone, share all your feelings, somehow describe this phenomenon. Where is this directive coming from? You feel as if the music, the people and the festival itself are telling you to do this. Perhaps the music is, since much of the time it is literally telling you that you are loved and you are Love and you are in Unity with others that Love and dance. You believe the music because the music is nourishing you and when someone is nourished they can best receive love and give love. But you are still scared to make the first move and just when you are deciding it is only a random feeling and positive nobody else could be feeling the same way…..a sticker is put in front of your eyes that reads, “I Don’t Know You, But I Love You”.

I have heard many times the receiving of the sticker is a life changing or life confirming moment that can be so serendipitous as if to feel of some intelligent design by a creator or god.

For many, it is the proof that they were not imagining those higher vibrations of being. For many it is proof that these impulses and feelings and suspicions of a higher power are real for others, so perhaps it can be true for oneself. Because IDKYBILY is not only a phrase, it is a philosophy about how to attain Peace, Love, Unity and Respect amongst the people, it can feel very spiritual. We are choosing to have faith in something seemingly impossible, much like the likelihood of a Heaven as wonderful as described in The Bible.

While I just described the receiving of this message, to GIVE this experience is almost indescribable. Almost! ;)

I grew up religious. I was taught that the #1 thing we could do as good Catholics and go to heaven and reach salvation is to spread the Good News. What is the Good News? The good news that God exists, He is Love, He Loves You Unconditionally and always will.

I am attempting to spread some GREAT news: understanding or acceptance of religion is not needed in order to learn Love exists, each human is Love with the ability to Love, and is Loved unconditionally at all times---by their fellow human!

As you mentioned, spirituality can be explored through a death, cathartic release, starving artist creativity project and more. To me, one of the closest encounters with spirituality is when one feels they are being Called. To go on a mission into territories unknown and spread the Great News when there is such a great chance the populous will not care and will not want to hear what you have to say. To continue on with this mission after you have been made fun of, your parents questions left unanswered, your jobs left to cover your shifts, your friends wondering, “Is she okay?”.

I am making the pilgrimage to Burning Man to spread this Great News, despite my long standing fear of thriving and surviving in the desert, due to my health conditions and physical limitations. Despite my inability to afford the trip, much less the stickers which are very expensive, despite how I am sacrificing much logistical preparation and planning in order to work on my first major transcendental event of this year: speaking at Lightning in a Bottle Festival. I applied to be a speaker, at this time I do not know if I was chosen, but my goal is to introduce myself to many of the Burners present at LIB and perhaps get some assistance for my Burning Man trek, after entertaining them with some truthful Storytelling, my specialty.

Uniting the people through a loving message passed out at music events is a lofty, abstract, philosophical goal largely consisting of counter-cultured youth and functioning in a discriminated, misunderstood semi-industry half professional half volunteer based, thus I am running on financial, emotional and physical fumes.

As for spiritual, I have a ton of spiritual energy right now. =) In fact it is the only thing able to combat my extremely well developed and strict sense of logic and rationale. I was raised by a police officer and a hospital physical therapist baby boomer parents: they completely straddle the line of being cool with me and tolerating me. It matters so greatly to me what they think and I think they are right that I cannot continue on in this fashion. Based on my resume, education and credit history you would never think I would be severely underemployed, $30,000 in debt (from the running of the nonprofit and my humanitarian pursuits) with 2 non functioning non-profits standing on the side of a highway asking for donations. I am gracefully crumbling under the typical weight of a nonprofit under resourced and purposefully challenged.

But I did stand on the side of the road for money…and I did it with a smile…and lots of pretty signs, bubbles and music of course! =) 

Only my spirituality made me confident enough to do this, only my spirituality inspired it, fueled my energy and gave me the courage. I did feel a little silly and I did not tell my parents but I just love disseminating the message so much it makes me fearless. I have experienced all my worst fears in the last 3 years and because of the ability to spread the IDKYBILY message, I have continually had a spiritual presence in my life with dozens of examples of transcendence and spiritual messages, signs, and symbols.

My religious upbringing would tell me its God. Only after chasing white rabbits for the last 3 years in LA did that God get way more specific. My newfound spiritualism tells me it’s the Christian God and more. Thanks to my new “Bible” I have come to learn of many Gods, many entities that concern themselves with Humans and their energy. I carry this “Bible” everywhere, I hug it, hold it, thank it every day. I use it for almost every situation for guidance, I attempt to memorize passages, I share the information with others, I use the book to pick me up when I am at my lowest energy outputs.

Much like the Christian Bible we may never really understand exactly who wrote It or how and it may contradict other sources, but I Believe It. This book is why I have continued on with my fledgling little train that could. <3 

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