i D ontKnow You, but i love you

In All Fantastical Seriousness, We Are Ending Racism             #iDontKnowYouButiLoveYou #IDKYBILY #MadMadLove

Speech To End Racism

Hello My Beautiful Sisters and Brothers of all Attitudes, Experiences, Shapes, Sizes and Colors!


My name is Charlizzle and: I DON’T KNOW YOU BUT I LOVE YOU


It’s true, it’s tattooed on my arm and it is the name of my nonprofit. The goal of my nonprofit is to End Racism and we’ve been going strong for 4 years, with our message reaching around the world: from LA to NYC to the Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, China, Morocco, Ireland to Israel.

I chose this “impossible” goal because after 13 years as an activist for every issue out there, the black-light bulb finally went off and I realized: solve the 1 problem causing most of the world’s problems. As for impossible: it was once impossible to drive, fly and sit in the front of the bus, so I ain’t sweating it.


Now, when I say “end racism”, I do not mean it literally. I have no interest in telling anybody with bigoted feelings to stop because bigoted feelings are taught, so you teach someone to stop, you do not demand it. I am from a school of thought that says: You never pay attention to the Haters. You just “DO YOU” and let them hate from afar. Eventually, if you are truly The Shizzle, they will either give up and dissipate because they understand you cannot be beat or they give up, change and join you. 

My nonprofit is here to make everyone feel so good about themselves, we cannot help but desire to celebrate that Awesomeness all day, every day and people either kick rocks or get over their ish so they can join the par-tay. Everyone wants to party, it is in our cultures, our histories, our DNA and if the cover charge is “No Bigotry” that ensures a dope ass party.


The official mission statement of IDKYBILY which the federal government approved:

Ending Racism by Inspiring & Sustaining a Nurtured Non-Racist & Non-Bigoted Community

We Nurture Through Inclusivity, Trust & Unconditional Love.

Our intentions and actions are Based on the Principles of

Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. 

We Strive for these Principles to be Ever Present in Our Communication, Decision Making & Relationships.


Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen the method by which I intend to End Racism is by simply throwing parties, communal gatherings & being 1 one with my neighborhood celebrating that which Me, my Party People & My Fellow Humans know to be True:


It never matters what other people think, it is always most important what we think of ourselves. If you love yourself, you WILL be able to endure the hate others have for you.


The goal of this lil speech is to increase your belief by 8% that in your lifetime non-racists and non-bigots will be the majority and be in power. In my observation, we are already halfway there: we ARE the majority, don’t pay attention to the news, that shit is ratchet….to use the parlance of our times. ;)


Why 8%? Because 8 is my number; I was born on the 8th; there are 8 words in IDKYBILY and because right now I can’t afford to give any money back if I am wrong. Never be too proud to low-ball yourself, it can guarantee success!

In all seriousness, I am well aware that asking victims and recipients of racism as well as racists to begin the process of moving past strong feelings and join me and my white booty in solidarity is easy for me to ask: I am white and privileged.


If any of you were assuming I have not experienced a lot of racism, you would be absolutely correct.

But I have experienced something else, perhaps something worse and certainly something that makes very little sense. There are days where I wake up and wonder with agony:

”Will it ever get better or easier for Me and My People? Will WE ever be free from the shackles of Tyranny and Oppression? Will we ever be respected, honored, given a chance? Will The Man keep keeping us down? Will the uniformed masses continue to tell us we are Wrong?”


I may not have experienced a lot of racism but I certainly have experienced a lot of Prejudice. Prejudice for who I am, how I think & act, for how the Good Lord Jehovah God made me.


The first step in moving past any pain, any grievance, any injustice is to realize: You ain’t the only one. And best of all: You are NOT alone.


We may not have the same skin color, so our specific experiences and complaints may not be the same, but we DO share commonalities. I DO feel your pain and you CAN feel mine.


That is all that matters: when another human being can understand you. Personally, my favorite emotion of all is when someone Understands me. Whatever the name is for the sensation that comes over my mind, heart, body and soul when someone understands me is worth more than money, more than stability; it erases my fears and draws the biggest smile upon my face.


I skip down the street, even with the weight of the world still on my shoulders. To me, that is a miracle from God. To feel good & positive even though I got problems and I'm judged and hated everyday.


Every human NEEDS another human to understand them. We all know what happens when that is lacking: we feel fear, anger, jealousy insecurity, resentment, depression and suicidal thoughts.


Black people NEED white people to understand how they feel, or nothing can begin to get better. I believe I understand any non-Caucasians plight and even if I actually do not, I WANT to understand, I want to learn, I want to be taught "What's Up".


I know I need black people to understand me, understand why it’s so important for me to improve race relations.


It is because as my Heroes the Blues Brothers would say “We’re on a Mission from God”.


Sometimes that is the only explanation I can propose: It is God’s will. I’ll be honest, I know what I am doing, but I also totally do not, I got nobody to study or imitate, the Youtube search results for “white people against racism” are nonexistent.


There are days I question myself so deeply where this maddening desire to unite the people comes from and I get so frustrated I can’t find a satisfactory answer, ill be like, "Fine, whatever, obviously this is what Baby Jesus wanted for Christmas, Fine, I’ll do it, Fine". Speaking of Baby Jesus, I have Frankincense on me to try and buy. For real come check it out! It can save your life.  


Yes, I was blessed and burdened with the ability to quickly determine what I believe is right and to “boldly” stand up for it even though people call me crazy. I say “boldly” because honestly that is putting it lightly. Im a feisty Italian what can I say? Don’t busta my bawls.  But if it’s one thing I have learned from black people: “White people be crazy.” So there you go! ;)


Despite how many times I've been called crazy for being so passionate, sticking to my beliefs & not taking shizzle from nobody the Good Lord has always sent me a crystal clear sign that I am on the right path; ask me about them, I'm happy to blow your mind.  


You know what I think is crazy? Since I am clearly a licensed psychiatrist that can diagnose such things:


*To see a solution but rationalize “it ain’t my prablem” and do nothing about it, keeping you, the people around you & your environment in misery, destruction & hardship


*To me, it is crazy to offer no solutions only uninformed opinions.


*It’s crazy to interrupt, argue & tear down the character of those that are willing to do something about the problem.


Cuz if something ain’t your prablem, then it also aint none of your biznazz, so would you be so kind as to kindly step the F off and let the people with the Ideas do their thang?


The only manner in which I’ll admit I'm crazy….is I'm Crazy in Love.

Anyone ever been crazy in love in the HEALTHY WAY? Not crazy in the po-lice way?


Its Beautiful and Wondrous and I am in looooove with Black People. And just like True Love it cannot be helped. And just like True Love, you’ll do anything for that person.


Why do I love black people so much? Lots of reasons, I’ll just tell you the #1 reason:


I went to a black middle and high school in south Florida, which as you may know is off the chain…with kookiness, to put it ever so kindly.  I was on the drill team, only white girl on track and field. I am white so I ran the mile and the one time I was forced by the coach to do the hurdles I white-girl-ate it in front of my 30 hysterically laughing teammates, who I was not friends with. So it was a 'laugh at me, not with me situation'. Most of my humility was gained through interactions with black people, that’s why my business cards say “Humble Badass”.


I talked to nobody, nobody had much interest in me except for the interest in my disproportionate and super rare for white people large rear end which is why my nickname became Haitian Sensation! But other than that I had no connection or commonality with my Brothers and Sisters…except 1 thing:


We both kept it real to the teachers & the authoritarians. For my black classmates it was out of disciplinary defiance and for me it was purely philosophical and the two made a great pair. The teachers were vicious, lying, manipulative Haters. They thought nothing of suspending students that were already facing failing grades so they just made the situation worse. And that is one of my political & social pet peeves: making something worse, when you are paid to make it better. Something had to be done.


My black peers taught me my most utilized life skill: how to stand up for myself and my people and Bob Marley taught me how to do it with Positive Vibrations, Mon. if you do not stand up for yourself, people will repeatedly do what they can to put you down in order to bring themselves up.


So there we go. Ending Racism is the right thing to do, no matter how nervous, ill prepared, alone or unsure I am.


Speaking of My People, who I was referencing earlier as discriminated and persecuted:

I am talking about Positive and Happy people with Self-Love that Express It. Believe it or not, being happy all the time does not keep you planted on Cloud 9. Those around you unable to elevate to the clouds with you, out of frustration, insecurity, jealousy & self-hatred will do what they can to make your cloud a rain cloud, pouring tears of sadness, melting away your happiness, blocking out your natural rays of sunshine.  


I aint been fired 8 times with no good reason, for no good reason! As the dozen plus people who've left my life in a huff have exclaimed, “Charlene, it’s YOU that is the problem”. Just like the bosses who terminated me, I am never given a reason for why they so angry and want to peace out on the relationship all of a sudden. It is always a mystery and trust me I try to find out: my father is a detective so its in my blood to find out The Truth.  

So if I have never done or said anything wrong & I have evidence I was a fantastic, selfless person and “its just me” that’s the problem….ooookay so who am I?

I am a naturally happy, super sweet, charismatic, gifting, hardworking, morally and ethically driven skinny gal that knows herself inside and out so THAT’S what I am fucking doing WRONG!  And that is what all of You who know and love yourselves are doing Wrong!


Well it’s time for all those in the WRONG to get together and feel RIGHT. Be with the RIGHT people, at the RIGHT places and RIGHT times, doing the RIGHT thing for others, because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.  


The way IDKYBILY and MadMadLove do the right thing is by passing out these stickers that say, “I Don’t Know You, But I Love You” because it is The Truth and it makes people feel good and when people ask:

"What is that?” You say, “Its a nonprofit” and when they say “What does the nonprofit do?”
You say “This nonprofit knows how to End Racism” and you smile, thank them for taking the sticker and start to walk away.

Dumbfounded and dubious and excited and hopeful they’ll ask, “Wait, how do they do it?”

You say “By Partying and Celebrating how Awesome We are as Loving Human Beings”

Ladies and Gentlemen, by all means End Racism which ever way you would like to or don’t try at all, but for those that want to try it with Music and Beats and Philosophical Principles that Cannot Be Beat I thank you for any and all consideration and please come up to my table over here, I got gifts for you, I got gifts for Everyone. You got questions, I got answers. You have arguments, opinions, stories, suggestions: I got eyes and ears to listen.

I do hope I have increased your belief in what is possible because the IDKYBILY motto is: we don’t need followers, we need believers. I need non-Caucasian support and belief. Otherwise I am just a dorky white girl with no rhythm and a dream: But I am not content to be a Dreamer, I need my Dreams to become Reality.


I am so eternally thankful for your attention, to the organizers RBizzy and Samerai for giving a white girl a chance and trusting me to say something of value. You’ve made my longest running Dream come true today. Thank you for a wonderful event and time on this talented stage.


1 Love.




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