i D ontKnow You, but i love you

In All Fantastical Seriousness, We Are Ending Racism             #iDontKnowYouButiLoveYou #IDKYBILY #MadMadLove


Feed a Future Foodie: MadMadLove believes each human should experience a bite of perfectly prepared, seasoned & cooked food. It can lead to Great Things for the Eater: bring back memories of home cooking; memories of travels to other cultures; provide visions of a future filled with delicious food shared with a spouse and children; signal a new professional path filled with stability and passion. 

MML believes Delicious Food is Life Changing. It is Inspiration. It is Discipline and Determination. It is Practice and it is a Skill. It is most of all, one of the 3 tenets to Living: eating, drinking, breathing. 

MML wants the world to largely Be in Peace. So what we would do with all this Peace and Harmony? All this abundant time on our hands, now that we are not fighting the government and each other. 

We Would Eat. And Eat Well. 

Every community's main focus should be: how to grow, procure, maintain, and serve local organic food to the entire community with open, affordable access. Everything else is secondary: business decisions, taxes, property, allocating resources and so on.  

We are Prioritizing Delicious Food because:

Food makes EVERYTHING better. It is comfort and it is Love. And it lays the foundation for us to have a Happy Day. It gives us the physical and mental energy to perform tasks to precision. Best of all, it gives us something to look forward to. 

Food is Power. Food is Powerful. We Believe it is Powerful enough to Change People's Lives for the Better. 

MML desires for every person no matter the economic status to experience a variety of delicious food on a regular basis. We believe this will greatly aide in lowering depression, increasing hope, provide job opportunities, encourage entrepreneurship, give young adults better avenues of spending their money, as well as a positive activity to do in groups.  

MadMadLove's Feed a Future Foodie Program if Funded would:

Take a group of 3-5 middle and high school children from Southern California cities impacted by gentrification, poverty & overworked and underfunded government and municipalities to two food locations:

<3 High end "foodie" destinations: highly skilled chefs, locally sourced food, trendy aesthetics for young people to begin to understand: a tomato is not just a tomato; found in a salad, or sliced in a sandwich. It can transform into dozens of forms, dozens of flavors, presented in dozens of manners. Willy Wonkas Exist! 

MML wants young adults to learn that expensive restaurants are not something to scorn nor obsess over. It is a treat and something that should be worked hard for and purchased only when affordable and when it can be appreciated. 

<3 Local, cultural, ethnic oriented small business restaurants: both in their hometown as well as neighboring cities in plight. Young adults should also know: the inspiration for the high end "foodie" food comes from: the rustic; the cultural; the traditions; the way "my momma makes it". The food offered in their city is the city's Life Life. It needs to be supported. It needs to be encouraged to have quality and standards.

As we learn about food, we talk about it. We describe it, we learn new words, understand new emotions, we move past talking about the delicious food, to asking about each other, then telling about ourselves, then telling stories; then laughing. 

Have you ever seen someone eating a plate of food while being violent? Have you ever seen someone care about eating food when they are depressed, angry, sad, confused, frustrated. It may happen, but there is no attachment to the food. Oftentimes, the food doesn't deserve any special attention or praise. Its Gross and Bland and made almost fully of chemicals.

But Real, Organic, Natural and Healthy Food as well as unhealthy but cooked to Delicious Perfection food MAKES YOU PAY ATTENTION. Snaps you out of your funk for a few minutes. Provides you some mental and emotional relief, while your physical self indulges in Comfort. 

Food is always used as a tool against the impoverished, the ignored, the people and classes not deemed worth in society. Racism uses this tool often. 

To Assist in Ending Racism MadMadLove will expose races and cultures to each other's use of food, to talk about ourselves, our differences, to share the stories that explain why we Love or "Hate" someone else's culture, to have a food fight...HA! just kidding! 

Remember it's not Skin that we are hating on: it's the Difference.  

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