i D ontKnow You, but i love you

In All Fantastical Seriousness, We Are Ending Racism             #iDontKnowYouButiLoveYou #IDKYBILY #MadMadLove

The Raver Response to Ridiculousness

Dear Ron-Gong Lin II, Paul Pringle and Andrew Blankstein of the LA Times article printed February 2nd, 2013,

It is with all the **Sunshine** and sparkly glitter one could shoot out their tutu, I write you today in response to your successful fear inducing "expose".

Ravers love to expose themselves: their inner and outer beauty (and always in that order), so we Loved you got the conversation started! We are here to end it

Good Sirs! I have the Music History opportunity of our Lifetime to offer you!

Before we go further I would like to suggest playing the following song while reading the rest of this important message, as it will assist my words in being read amongst undeniable uplifting adrenaline; the beats in the song have been proven to produce a "positive" effect on the human body, so you will experience what it feels like to listen to electronic dance music sober: just as freaking Good.

Any True Raver knows that.

Beats create a flow, they set a scene for your imagination even if you have never been to Our Playground and it sounds like you have not, because I did not read any reports of Rainbow Vomit and most certainly that is a side effect of being in a Rave. But surely, just like any good Gonzo drug journalist, you have attended because....well, who has the nerve anymore to report on situations they do not experience first hand?

You pressed play? Okay great: I am excited to now present to you:

The Opportunity to Speak with the Children of the Rave!!!!

You guys and the readership need a Part Deux!! A follow up. We’re in Hollywood, its in our nature!

Funnily enough, I experienced many of the same symptoms as an Ecstasy user while reading this article: heart racing, butterflies in my tummy, shallow breathing, eyes rolling in back of head. Not the actual medical condition, but in the sarcastic way.

I apologize, do not mind me, I am incredibly protective over My Scene, my money, my community members, not to mention, I do not appreciate anyone that creates or infers blanket generalizations about Me to drug use.

Your article does not meet my or many of my Critical Thinking Analyzing Ravers' standards for journalistic probes into our Safe Haven.

I started a non profit in CA whose goal it is to Save the World by Ending Racism. Its hilarious and adorable, I know. You know what else is hilarious and adorable? RAVERS!

I Don't Know You, But I Love You

It is true Ron, Paul and Andrew, but also, it is the name of my nonprofit. IDKYBILY is the mantra by which we exemplify our commitment to be racist free. To Love Everyone despite not knowing them is the only guaranteed pathway to keep oneself discriminatory free, hatred free and full of positivity which makes everything we do in life Better & Safer.

We End Racism by doing many things, mostly we travel to festivals and attend raves and merely repeat the expressions to those around us, or gift it to them adorned on Kandi bracelets, necklaces, t-shirts or our internationally recognized stickers.

We have the Most Magical stories***Thrilling Tales***and plenty of testimonials and evidence of Saving, Changing and Improving lives around the world!

My wildly successful non profit was started because of Raves. My whole life changed for the better because of Raving. Ask any Raver and you will hear tales of Rejuvenation, Compassion, Faith, Restoration and Love that could rival any self-help fad.

You speak of Raves and tell half tales of tragedy and death. You speak of Raves but reference only those that can no longer speak. I know what I would say if I died at a Rave and it is the same thing I say about being broke from them: WORTH IT.

Since it is OUR lives at stake and our choices judged, we would absolutely appreciate an opportunity to tell you how we feel, explain what we would like to see from Pasquale (and trust me, it is a lot and none of what you mention) and to clear our names from the negative associations and presumptions that the mainstream media has placed on us *Electronic*Techno*Audiophiles for the last 35 years.

Ravers, as you know, keep Safety as their top priority, as evidenced in our famous PLUR principles: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

Wow, no wonder a motor speedway filled with 320,000 people alllll on "designer drugs" has only 2 or zero problems. Even if the entire rave attendance population of the last 11 years is ignored and only the 2011 EDC numbers are used, when I calculate on the calculator the percentage of 19 out of 328,000, it prints out some weird number with an e and a negative sign in it. I think what that means is that it is such a small percentage, the calculator could have also displayed BOOBLESS and it would be just as relevant and meaningful a number (bored-student-joke). As in not very much.

I do not mean to appear callous, but since I study addictionology, my thoughts and feelings about drug use are personal and I handle my care and concern in my own way. I am not trying to ignore death and individual life, but truly, you are asking the community, the readership to pay attention to a negative externality, a consequence that has a statistic that is barely registers on a calculator.

You presume a reader sees the "tragedy" in what you vaguely describe and loosely correlate, when thanks to the Internet so many of us are aware of the world's calamities and tragedies and there are clearly some more rampant and destructive than individual life choices regarding drugs at Raves. There are wars going on right now, with "death tolls" in the millions. As a humble, desiring representative of my generation, I know how my community feels and what is important to us. And right now, we escape the statistics of millions to delve in the world of Rave & Love that is overwhelmingly positive to us.

I do not know why you ignored all the Positives We care about and inexplicably focused on the one negative many of us do not believe is anyone's fault: an individual's personal health choices. Personal choices including, by the way, the choice to knowingly take shit pills while having known health conditions or limitations.

Because there is a reason everyone is always looking for Molly. (substance connoisseur joke)

I personally do not think it is right to link, blame or place responsibility to Pasquale and Reza for deaths. I do not think ever in my lifetime of collegiate and newspaper reading, I have read an article by a professional journalist nor an op-ed where it is called out the corporate company names that put the poisonous, addictive toxin that is Alcohol on the shelves that claim thousands of lives EVERY SINGLE DAY. Raving has historically been anti-alcohol....Hmmmmmmm do you think that is because they did not want to be around a dangerous substance that induces violence?? Hmmmm, I wonder……..

A lot of readers are upset that you bring up some very negative situations, barely give any details or background of medical history, just mere mentions of drug use (not even all Ecstasy related) associates the entire night of "raving" to "drug use", and you only use attorney and police officer quotes.

You know that police-issued tasers cause deaths too right? So by your very own journalistic logic, police should stop selling out their department budgets out to weapons manufacturers because there is a "death toll" associated with their use.

So what I and my friends who have read the article want to know is: why didn't you write about tasers or any one of the other millions of things that cause millions of deaths?

Why are you seemingly picking on the one thing we love so much?

What? Are we supposed to instead spend all of our youth giving thanks to the polluted planet and corrupt government we inherited from previous generations?

Cuuuuuuz...we are not going to do that. We are going to wear tiny clothes, bright colors, things that flash and strobe and we are going to walk out of the house to the Rave with the Intention of giving someone out there the Best experience of their lives, by making them feel Special and Loved.

Because that is what Ravers do. They Rave.
What do sports fans do?

(Speaking of sports fans!!!! Did you know Ecstasy is the drug that makes even the toughest man sensitive and friendly? In England in the 1980s, rave culture took off in the soccer hooligan community.

"Thanks to the benign influence of E, violence at soccer matches dropped dramatically. Thanks to Ecstasy...almost overnight the box cutter wielding troublemaker metamorphosed into the "Love Thug". Warring gangs who supported rival teams...were so loved up on E they spent the night hugging each other rather than fighting". – Simon Reynolds, Generation Ecstasy, page 95

So...it is okay for tens of thousands of soldiers to die in terror, fighting terror in the name of ending terrorism, but 19 deaths out of millions dancing free, fighting fear and sadness in the name of Pursuit of Happiness is worth shutting down/restricting capitalistic free enterprise? THIS IS AMERICA!)

So since you desire to protect us "children" even though I went to 7 years of college & lived in the murder capital of the country which is also the Capital of the country:

Will you aide us in making our diverse voice heard? Will you respect our feelings and allow us to speak the Truth? We urgently and achingly would like to either once and for all, or over a short period of time make it known that Raves produce a hotspot of positivity unparalleled in the rest of our reality: school, university, home life, work, governmental.

We don't want any fear mongering. *I* reject anyone's concern for my well being who refuses to hear my side of the story, who isn't basing their determinations on common sense and the facts.

Your words have a tremendous impact. There are consequences for the things we write. We have a responsibility when we bring up something and use words like "death tolls" "Ecstasy linked" and give generalized impressions about an extremely diversified large group of people. Let’s set the record more straight Together As One!! (fallen rave joke) (R.I.P. Never Forgotten)

I want to meet with you, anytime, any place, I want you to meet my non profit members and other exceptional members of the Rave community. 

To me, Ravers are like SuperHeroes: they have Energy that seems to come from another planet, they come out at night, they wear crazy, colorful suits of armor, they do good wherever they go and Everyone Wants to to Be In Love with Them. 
And with that Good Sirs, I bid you adieu as I make my way into the LA sunset to get blasted in the face by 100,000 watts of sound at the Excision show, because if you have not heard:

We Go For the Music, not the Drugs. (you get the drugs BEFORE you go, DUH!)

Bwhahahhaa, juuuuuust kidding - raver humor.

I told you: We Funny.

I am so excited for you to entertain this Meeting of the Minds. We could do a lot of good for a lot of people, we could make a real impression on the journalism community: you wrote a scary article, just like most writers, and no solutions or stakeholders were identified. This trend has got to stop. We could stop it right now. Thank you SO much for reading and for any and all consideration. Please call or email me anytime with questions, clarifications, rebuttals and more!

I, my group and the ravers I know, are here to make all adults feel more comfortable with where their Children are. The more comfortable you are, the more fun we have. Its a Win Win situation!

I am forwarding this message to your emails, your paper, your editors, all of my groups, communities and networks, as well as the ones I am not connected with yet. I want it to be known that I tried my best to educate and whether or not your paper has integrity and concern for those it chooses as subjects. I will be letting everyone know if you respond to me and I am kindly and with all humility asking for a response either way.

Sincerely and with Mad Mad Love,
Charlizzle Blizzle, Rave Name: Sprightly & All the Ravers of the WORLD

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