i D ontKnow You, but i love you

In All Fantastical Seriousness, We Are Ending Racism             #iDontKnowYouButiLoveYou #IDKYBILY #MadMadLove


The formation of this page comes straight out of the Heart of Love. We are a Community of Strangers that Love the Hell out of each Other. The Love starts out as an appreciation for the mere existence of Oneself. We Love you already for hanging out with Mad Mad Love because you are here to learn what we are about and most likely, you have some Love to share yourself. Once you express it, your energies, those Positive Harmonic Vibrations, join the unbreakable bond of loyalty that is the Mad Mad Love mantra: IDKYBILY: I Don’t Know You, But I Love You.

A girl named Charlene tried to do a bunch of nice things for a bunch of nice people. She is I, and I did not know these people. All I knew was that I was broken hearted and lost and dying to have the Coachella experience of my life. I made a Facebook CoAcHeLlA AdOpTiOn page. This is where allll the Mad Mad Love comes from.

Homeless Coachellians could be adopted by those with something to share. We were brought together in the search for tickets, camping, car rides, party favors and hype building. All efforts of which were contributing to the creation of TeNt CiTy within the Coachella Campgrounds! A communal space where everything is shared, everyone watched out for and allllll good times had!

As a thank you for joining the page, & a little entertainment, I started to tell of my Spiritual Journeys with OG the Psychic Rasta who is training me to be a Warrior Spirit! In order to explain why my spiritual journeys mean so much, I introduce the Adoptees to my social Revolution, named: I Don’t Know You, But I Love You.

Yes,we are starting a Revolution about Love with the intent to End Racism. It’s quite hilarious, I know. =P

Some say it’s only a Revolution if it is bloody. Well, our Revolution is all about Love; Love comes from the Heart, the Heart pumps blood and we pump Tiger’s Blood Baby!!!

It is Happening and regardless of the manner by which we accomplish this, it No Doubt NEEDS to happen, so we are all very proud of ourselves for ‘getting over’ the whole, “well THATS impossible…” initial reaction to the idea. In fact, we are so proud, that we are throwing some parties for ourselves. We are in Celebration Mode. Because there is a lot to celebrate!

Party People are Superior Human Beings! We bring Joy to the World, but only because Joy is naturally within us and we constantly seek it out in excess quantities. What happens when there is too much matter in a given space?: it leaks, it seeps, it eeeXXXplodes out of the containment onto and into the surrounding environment!! Party People contain within themselves with ability to make big commitments to life altering experiences the mainstream society would call nothing more than “partying”.

MMLers are Party People with the capacity to do more than just Party and in my opinion when we party is EXACTLY when we are exemplifying all the attractive traits of a good citizen, a good American, a good Human Being.

Think of even the most negative association of Party People: our choices of hallucinagenic entertainment….Hmmm, so our #1 choice for an elevated physical, mental and emotional state is a substance that comes largely in 2 forms: both of which have the sole purpose of relaxing in a state of total happiness, joy, exhilaration, positivity and Love. This is why our substances of choice are Demonized. Because they help us Love each other. We can spend 13 hours going over every single negativity associated with our Country’s 2 greatest Loves: ALCOHOL & PILLS later….when we are High on Life and I can smile knowing the end of Government sponsored toxification will come as soon as I ask for your official assistance;)

I am here to help you gain Pride and earn Respect for the choices you make to be a positive individual with those Harmonic Vibrations that can change the world. Don’t worry about the how, when, where….that’s not the point. Remember…the #1 difficulty in Ending Racism…is to even THINK about doing it. So think about it now….are you down? GREAT!!! So…what do you do to End Racism, now that you agree that it should be ended and are happy to help?……….COME PARTY WITH US!

Think about it…..you wear a nice suit, exude “professionalism” and walk into the meeting room with other suits and skirts and pantyhose, have all your papers ready, college degree, your 2 internships in non profits, you have good intentions….you’ve cried maybe once or twice over acts of racism and it’s consequences for the victims….You are READY to help race relations improve!!!!

NOT. Sorry, no offense, and I recognize your good intentions, but….you suck. You suck at your job. All of you doing it now, all of you that have done it in the recent past. I mean that with all respect. But if you think about it literally: you are bad at your job. Race relations are getting worse as resources become scarcer and your enemy’s efforts are stronger and further reaching. And I think it should be a different set of people’s turns to try and do something about it. People wearing little clothes and bright colors…things that flash and strobe 

I have had to come to admit that I believe I can lead the way in this effort. Most of my confidence in the success of this effort comes from the fact that Im nervous as shizzle! Hahaha! I totally know what I am doing, and yet, I don’t at the same time. That’s where You come in. Because, I Do, Truly, Know I Can Do This, and those nervous feelings completely dissipate when you talk to me. When you give compliments or encouragement. When you get excited. When you participate. When you have the time of your life. When you think of me. When you think of one of my friends. When you become friends with my friends: This is where I get alllll my Mojo from!

Remember! Have CONFIDENCE in yourself as an enlightened individual to bring about TRUE BADASS change. To be helped by complete strangers. Helped in BIG ways. To learn about Magic. To experience some yourself! And make sure you laugh and act super silly. Cuz…I only talk about super serious stuff if Im being as silly as possible. I don’t get intensely serious about politics anymore…..I Smoke Weed. Im happy and excited to know the Truth about Love and Society and So Should You!

Thank you so much for being here! I hope you’ll allow me to try and change your life and or help you have the best time of your life. I hope you’ll contribute whatever it is you like to produce and share: art, words, thoughts, ideas, happiness.


I Don’t Know You, But I Love You!

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